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The sigma symbol (Σ) is a mathematical symbol.
The symbol sigima represents the sum of a sequence of numbers, and we have chosen the name SIGMAX to express our desire to create something completely new by bringing together diverse knowledge and technologies. SIGMAX has been in business for more than 30 years since its foundation in 1989, and during this time we have developed and launched many kinds of products. With a few exceptions, however, every product unfortunately has a limited life span, and we have experienced many products that contributed greatly to sales at one time only and discontinued suddenly. Sometimes the damage was so severe that we were petrified, but fortunately, each time a new application was developed by chance, or a theme for a new product suddenly appeared and we succeeded in developing it, and we have been able to continue our business to this point. 社長メッセージの挿入画像 The two photos above are a simple representation of SIGMAX’s history. The one on the left is a ceramic label processing machine that we worked on all night for a couple of days using materials we gathered at a home improvement store, such as erasers, angles, and screw rods, to finish the machine when it was decided that ceramic labels would be used for the first time at a TV cathode ray tube factory. We used a desktop computer, which was just coming out at the time, as a controller, and were able to mass-produce at a respectable 200,000 labels per month. The machine is full of handmade quality, but the spirit of venture is here. The right side is the ceramic label processing machine we are currently using. We hope that SIGMAX will continue to boldly take on new challenges in the future without losing our spirit of challenge.

SIGMAX Ltd. President: Minoru Yamano