US Label is an ID label with a 2D code that can withstand harsh usage environments by selecting various materials. It has the highest heat resistance among our label products, and can be applied to sandblasting and carburizing processes in a high-temperature reducing atmosphere, in a high-temperature vacuum.


Size:Any size and shape available Code:Available code: Datamatrix ECC-200, QR code Recommended reader:DPM reader which readable 2D code by Direct Part Marking


Material Stainless steel SUS304, 316 etc
Thickness Choose from 1.0 to 3.0mm
Heat resistance Max. 1,100℃ under oxidation and reducing atmosphere


Material Alumina ceramic
Thickness 2.0~5.0mm
Heat resistance Max. 1,650℃


Material Carbon graphite
Thickness 2.0~3.0mm
Heat resistance Max. 2,500℃ under reducing atmosphere
Titanium or fluororesin etc available for custom production


Extreme high temperature more than 2,000°C, (reduction atmosphere) Setter management during carburizing process and ceramic firing