In order to use and manage the personal data collected from customers, SIGMAX Ltd. (hereinafter the “SIGMAX”) has developed the “Privacy Policy,” and we will keep dissemination to all employees, improvement and maintenance of it.

1. Basic Policy

1. SIGMAX obtains personal information legally and in a fair manner.
2. When SIGMAX use the personal information, it is used only for the scope of purpose published, clearly stated or notified specify to customers.
3. SIGMAX will endeavor to keep personal information provided by customers as accurate and up-to-date as possible.
4. SIGMAX take necessary and appropriate measures for preventing unauthorized access, leakage, loss and the damage of handled personal data.
5. SIGMAX comply with applicable laws and regulations and guidelines regarding the personal information.

2. Acquiring Personal Information

SIGMAX acquires personal information legally and in a fair manner. In case of collecting personal information directly from a written document, we will clearly state necessary information such as the purpose of use in writing and obtain a customer’s consent.
When acquiring personal information in any other ways including business cards from customers, necessary information will be published on our website.

3. Purpose of Using Personal Information

SIGMAX uses the personal information collected from customers only for the following purposes. Furthermore, we will obtain the consent of the customer when we use personal information for reasons other than the purposes stated below.

1. Development, manufacturing, sales and installation of our products, goods and related services offered by SIGMAX and partners such as distributor, agents, and partner companies
2. Introducing and providing technical information about the products
3. Managing contractual relationships regarding providing products and other business activities
4. Providing event information for promotion and exhibition of our products
5. Sending catalog, various documents such as technical materials, and samples
6. Conducting surveys to improve customer service
7. Investigating and analyzing surveys regarding modification and development of our products
8. Performing business operations such as delivering products, follow-up service, and answering customers’inquiries
9. Providing information, contacting and notifying to applicant, and recruitment process.

4. Sharing Personal Information

SIGMAX may share personal information between distributor, agents, partner companies, and co-researchers and use necessary items including information related to individual’s name, address, employment, address of employment, and products purchased by individual or his or her employer within the scope of the previous section 3) “Purpose of Using Personal Information”.SIGMAX is responsible for managing those personal data.

5. Entrusting Personal Information to Third Parties

SIGMAX may entrust the handling of personal information to a third party within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use. In this case, we will execute agreements which oblige the entrusted company to conduct proper information management and implement a necessary and appropriate supervision for them.

6. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

SIGMAX will not disclose or provide personal data to any third party except for the following cases.
However even in the following 3 cases, we will obtain a customer’s consent when we provide personal information to a third party in a foreign country.
1. When customers agree with the disclosure
2. When disclosure of personal information is required by law
3. When we conduct sharing of personal information written in the previous section 4) “Sharing Personal Information”

7. Complying Legislation and Regulation Concerning Personal Information

SIGMAX complies with all laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information as well as all guidelines and standards set by the government.

8. Safety Measure for Personal Information

SIGMAX implements safety measures including information security measures to secure the safety and accuracy of the personal information.

9. Inquiries about Personal Information

Please contact the help desk below for questions regarding the handling of personal information.

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10. Revision of the Privacy Policy

SIGMAX may revise all or part of this “Privacy Policy” when we deem it necessary due to a change in the law and regulations. A revised policy will become effective once it is uploaded on our website.