February 1989 Started business
April 1991 Built Shiga Factory
April 1992 Opened Tokyo Branch Office
October 1992 Received Kyoto Venture Grand Prize
May 1993 Opened Shimaya Development Laboratory
November 1993 Received fund from Venture Business Promoting Fund Foundation
December 1993 Opened New York Branch Office
December 1995 Obtained a $300,000 fund from FORECS (warrant issued)
February 1996 Built Shimaya Factory
April 1996 Incorporated Sigmax International Inc. in Manhattan, New York
December 1996 Obtained “Excellent Award” at Osaka Venture Business Competition ’96 and $250,000 fund from Osaka City as an extra prize
February 1997 Obtained $42,000 as a Reserch & Developing subsidy
May 1998 Moved the development laboratory from the Shimaya business incubator to Shiga factory
October 1999 Obtained approval under the “Creative Activity Law for Small and Middle-sized Enterprises”
February 2000 Obtained “Fukuda Special Award of the Japan Invention Award”
August 2000 Rebuilt Shiga factory
June 2003 Relocated head office to 1-4-8 Tosabori Nishi-ku Osaka
April 2013 Annex I completed in Shiga Plant
March 2018 SIGMAX INTERNATIONAL closed and overseas operations transferred to the head office
October 2018 Annex II completed in Shiga Plant