We would like to introduce Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL) which is a General Incorporated Foundations and their case of using CERALABEL GREEN (GL).

Outline of JFRL

一般財団法人日本食品分析センターSince 1957, Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL) has been providing accurate analytical data or technical advisory services to clients and developing new analytical technologies as well At the present, JFRL carry out analytical testing about various samples not only foods but also feeds, manures, drinking water, labeling and packaging materials, drugs, medical equipment, household articles, environmental water and soil, etc. JFRL receive mandates from public office, various businesses and corporates both domestic and overseas for quality evaluation, safety evaluation and the other evaluation tests or researches for physics and chemistry tests, microbial tests, biological tests. Their test reports acquire client confidence throughout the world as well as in Japan. 日本食品分析センターロゴ
[Contact for analysis and research] https://www.jfrl.or.jp/english/

The background of using barcode labels

JFRL daily receive various mandates of analysis tests and the tests are wide variety. JFRL used to recognize containers such as glass bottles, vials, crucibles and aluminum instruments by unique numbers and this management was by hand working. Hand working was not efficient and this included the risk of human errors. In order to improve the management, JFRL contacted us and we cooperated with the person of JFRL and co-developed suitable barcode labels for each material of containers.

Management by CERALABEL GREEN and its merit

By using CERALABEL GREEN (GL), the barcoded identification numbers do not vanish after repeated use and barcoding offers the advantages avoiding data input errors. In addition, using CERALABEL GREEN (GL) improves the efficiency of operation and realizes the structuring of testing management rapidly. This contributes high quality services such as submitting test reports to clients in a short time. At the beginning JFRL implemented as a trial basis and now many laboratories of JFRL have been using CERALABEL GREEN (GL). * This article is drawn up by the courtesy of Mr. Hideaki Nagata of JFRL, co-developer.