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Slit Label

Slit Label

Heat resistance barcode label featuring superior resistance to high temperature, thermal shock, fluorine, and high temperature alkaline solutions.

Barcode patterns are etched as slit in a stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic substrate.

The difference in reflection from the slit patterns enables reading. (Patent: Japan [3546272])


Heat resistance

Maximum heat in oxidation environment: 1,000°C,
Maximum heat in reduction environment: 1,600°C.
Durable in special gas environment such as carburization and hardening processes.

Chemical resistance

Resistant to fluorine, high temperature alkali, oil, solvent, salt water and certain acid.

Shock resistance

Resistant to mechanical shock during blasting process.

Painting process

Easily readable during painting processes because of its paint resistant nature.


Material Stainless steel substrate(SUS304, 316), inconel, molybdenum, ceramic, fluororesin
Thickness 0.1 to 2.0 mm
Mounting Screw, spot welding, pocket insert
Barcode All kinds of barcodes


Since labels are read by a difference in the optical reflectance between slits and non-slits, the reflection from the back of label causes noise. Proper spacing is required between the back of the label and the product. Some limitations apply to barcode readers. Consult with us for selection of barcode reader.


  • High temperature and high density alkaline treatment processes for tempered glass.
  • Carburization treatment processes for auto parts.
  • Hardening processes for metallic products.
  • High pressure and high temperature treatment processes for cement products.
  • Blasting processes of metallic products.
  • Automobile painting processes.
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