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Woven fabric label

Woven fabric label

Woven barcode fabric label made of polyester yarn.

Excellent contrast and cleaning durability rather than printable barcode fabric tag.

Suitable for the control and management for factory uniforms, other uniforms and fabric items.



Polyester yarn

Size and shape

Any height, but length is based on the digits of data
(Code128C 10 digits=62mm approx.)


Durable against 100 times and more of washing and 40 times of dry cleaning
(Refer fastness property below)

Heat resistance

Approx. 200deg.C


Code39, ITF, Code128, QR code, Datamatrix ECC-200


Sewing, Hot melt adhesive


  • Leasing uniforms, Process management at cleaning factory
  • Medical and other fabric items at hospitals, Linen items
  • Costumes for TV programs, theatres, amusement parks and wedding dresses etc.

Various colors of polyester yarns available to weave company logo or any image
Color phase could be different by weaving conditions and yarn material

Inspection items Washing Dry cleaning Friction Chlorine breaching Sublimation Hot pressing
Dry heat Moist heat
JIS L-0844
(A-4 method)
JIS L-0860 JIS L-0849 50g/Lx2H
Room temp.
JIS L-0854 JIS L-0850 (A method) 150°C x 60sec JIS L-0850 (B method) 150°C x 60sec
Result (*) Discoloration
4-5 5 4-5 4-5 5 5 4-5

* 1 (poor) < 5 (excellent)

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