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Etched Label

Etched Label

Stainless steel barcode label featuring superior resistance to high temperature and high density alkaline solutions.

Barcode patterns are etched on a stainless steel substrate so as to differentiate reflected light and generate readable patterns. (Patent : JAPAN[3546272])


Heat resistance

Maximum heat resistance : 300°C

Chemical resistance

Properties Etched label
Acid H2SO4 (5%, 20°C) No effect after 100 days
HCl (5%, 20°C) No effect after 5 hours
HNO3 (60%, 20°C) No effect after 100 days
Alkali NaOH (5%, 20°C) No effect after 100 days
NaOH (20%, 20°C) No effect after 100 days
Solvent --- No effect

*Particularly high temperature Alkali

Weather resistance


Shock resistance

The barcode label withstands the shock caused by a 200 g steel ball dropped from a height of 50 cm with no damage.

Super mini label

Minimum short side length of a label can be 2 mm.


Material Stainless steel substrate (SUS304)
Thickness 0.2 to 1.0mm
Mounting Screw, spot welding, duble-sided adhesive tape
Barcode All kinds of barcodes including 2D codes
PCS More than 75%


  • Alkaline treatment processes for tempered glass.
  • Cleaning of food containers by alkali.
  • Engine sludge cleaning.
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