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WS-1200E is a printable wet slide label (decalcomania) for the ceramic sanitary ware.
A barcode and also any image can be printed on this label with thermal transfer printer and our ceramic ribbon CR-G, CR-D and CR-DT.
WS-1200E can be attached to a wet molded clay same as traditional wet slide label.
Furthermore, it is available to attach a label on wet glaze clay and to cover with glaze on label.


Firing temperature

WS-1200E has been specifically designed for use at typical firing temperature used in the manufacture of sanitary ware.
Maximum temperature of kiln is from approximately 1,000C to 1,250C.
We can modify the label formulation for each customer' s production conditions.

Size and shape

Any label size and shape is available. And we can supply with roll or stripe form.

Printed pattern

Both blank and pre-printed label is available.
All symbols including 2D code and logo mark can be used in the case of pre-printed.
Very fine pattern can be printed with our ceramic ribbon (CR-G, CR-D, CR-DT).
Narrowest bar width is 0.13mm.


Ceramic sanitary ware, china, porcelain and fine ceramic parts.

Product composition

CERALABEL WS-1200E Product composition

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