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CERALABEL LSL is the on-site marking ceramic barcode label can be used under the production conditions such as fiercely high temperature and abrasive chemicals.

The character of this barcode label is to consist of 2 layers, white and black layers. By emitting laser beam and the beam removes the black layer, the white ceramic layer comes up and create barcode and 2D codes.

Movie: CERALABEL heat resistance and chemical test


Label size

Any size available for tiny size to big size, standard 0.5cm2 to 150cm2


Stainless steel is standard, but also Nickel, Aluminum, Ceramic and Glass are available.

Substrate thickness

0.2, 0.6, 1.0mm for stainless steel substrate


Any shape available and designated hole size available

Ceramic layer

Borosilicate type (Lead free type) and Silicon resin type available


Any barcode symbols, 2D code and any image

Heat resistance

Up to 1,200 °C, 400, 600, 800°C types available

Chemical resistance (5%, 20 deg.C)

Characters CERALABEL LSL(Standard type)
Acid Hydrochloric acid HCl More than 10 days
Sulfuric acid H2SO4 More than 250 days
Alikaline Caustic Soda NaOH More than 120 days


  • Marking barcode on labels on site and tagging on hot steel billet at 800°C
  • Marking barcode on labels on site and tagging as part identification plates
Before laser marking

(Before laser marking)

After laser marking

(After laser marking)

Marking by YAG laser

(Marking by YAG laser)

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