Barcode Labels Collection

The most suitable barcode label can be found for any kinds of abrasive environments and unique needs.

  • Heat resistance, Chemical resistance — CERALABEL series
  • Continue its evolution — CERALABEL series
  • For all types of use environment — CERALABEL series
  • For all types of use environment — CERALABEL series

SIGMAX barcode labels are made of ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum and fluororesin materials for barcode tags and 2D code tags and they have contributed the identification for production and process controls.


Alumina ceramic tags fused barcode and text by ceramic ink
CERALABEL SL-600, 800, 1000
Ceramic barcode label fused on heat resistant stainless steel substrate. Fixing by screws and welding as well
US Label
Peen marked or engraved Datamatrix and text on stainless steel substrate or chemical resistant plastic tag. Available for reduction atmosphere and corrosive chemicals
Laser engravable barcode tags by using high power laser like YAG laser. Equivalent heat resistance and chemical resistance of CERALABEL SL can be produced on-site.
Printable raw ceramic material label by using thermal transfer barcode printer and ceramic ink ribbon. CERALABEL GL fuses on glass or ceramic items after firing through appropriate heat treatment.
Wetslide barcode label printable by using thermal transfer printer and ceramic ink ribbon for ceramic items
Etched label
Etched stainless steel tag with blackened barcode and text. Suitable for food and medicinal chemical manufacturing and medical equipments
Slit label
Slit barcode on stainless steel and plastic tags
Woven fabric label
Woven barcode and QR code etc by polyester yarn. Suitable for control and tracking for rental uniforms, medical cloth etc.
Ceramic barcode tags coated with fluororesin to drastically increase its acid resistance and antifouling property


CERALABEL and the other barcode tag products have been applied for various applications and manufacturing processes needing durability, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and tag longevity.